The first crowd filled the Arena Hohenlohe on March 12, 2005 when RBW hosted the Dairy show.
In the following years, the Arena Hohenlohe has hosted a spectrum of events in the sporting and entertainment industries including concerts, basketball, exhibitions and incentives.
Capacity was increased in 2014 to a maximum of 3,200 occupancy.
The Arena Hohenlohe sit on 12.6 acres (5.1 ha) with an ample 700 on-site parking spaces. The venues are easily accessible by both highway and public.


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Location: Ilshofen
Land area 5,1 ha
 Venues  3
 Seating  max. 3,200
 Date opening  March 2005
 ADA seating none
Concessions none



Size 1200 m2 1,500 seating capacity up to 3,200
20 x 40 m e.g. concerts, performances, horse shows, exhibitions, sports


Arena Chart:

Arena Hohenlohe Coliseum diameter 32 m    e.g. shows, sports
multi-purpose exhibit facilities
(2 buildings 2.000 square meter space size)
40m  x 26m e.g. exhibitions
Catering area 180 seating capacity




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